Tea for Weight Loss Tips

- March 8, 2017



Hi, I’m Beth From Actively Lose Weight.


In this video, I gives you quick tips on using tea for weight loss. It’s not the scientific tea-compound style, just common sense ways, drinking tea can help you lose weight.

I think that drinking tea is an excellent way to improve your diet because tea is something that can really take the place of snacks that you normally eat during the day.

In some ways, it’s even more satisfying than snacking, especially on something really sugary because it’s warm and for me, warm food always fills me up a lot faster than cold food, so that’s why you should always heat up your leftover soup. Plus, it’s really satisfying to flavour your tea and the warmth satisfies your stomach but you’re not eating anything and you’re not taking in any calories, so that’s my plug for tea.

I’m not endorsing green tea, I think there might be weight loss benefits but I think there’s a lot of the hype around green tea and it is just a way to sell more products. I wouldn’t never advise to use extract pills or anything, that’s a little weird. I just think tea is wonderful to drink, on its own.

I really think the ritual of tea is something that helps in your weight loss efforts because for me at least smacking is almost always boredom. I’m not actually hungry, I’m just bored and looking for something different to do. So, getting up, away from my desk, acknowledging that I’m bored, I need to do something else, getting up from my desk, running the tap water, boiling it, putting it in the microwave.

Personally, I prefer, on the stove, it just tastes better. I’m not even sure why, that’s just me, it gets you out of the boredom. If you stick with tea, it just takes a little while, it makes you a lot more mindful of what you’re eating then. It’s warm, so you drink slowly and that long drawn out process, is just a really good substitute for snacking and really for me at least and maybe for you. It can be something that adds to your weight loss because there’s no snacking. Don’t add sugar to your tea either, there’s no reason too, if you don’t like your tea enough to take it without sugar, try a different type of tea.

I go for India spiced tea and actually have this honey ginger tea that I really like too, it’s supposed to calm your stomach but I just think it’s tasty.

So that is my two cents about tea, you should try it, maybe it can take the place of some snacks in your day and help you lose weight.

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