Red Smoothie Detox Review – Red Smoothie Detox Diet

- March 11, 2017



In this video review, we are going to show you how to make a delicious quick apple and beetroot smoothie, this one’s a really good one.

I’m making this smoothie because I’ve had lots of people ask me lately, how easily your blenders can actually blend these hard kinds of ingredients.

So, I am going to chop it up into wedges, both the apples and the beetroot seem to float a little bit and so it’s easier if they’re actually chopped up for the blender to blend them, not because the blades can’t blend them but because they sit in the water above the line of the blade.

So, just chop them up into little wedges, the cucumber can go in as it is and you can put a half a lemon in with or without skin, now I think it’s a bit better with skin on but some people like it without.

So, when I pop that lid off and put it aside, I’ve got the lemon got the cucumber those softer ingredients going in first the softer handful of parsley going in first of our harder ingredients up on top in there.

Beetroot is a great ingredient to consume, it’s absolutely fantastic with its health properties it’s actually got loads of iron in it but it’s also got loads of vitamin C, it is a bit sweet, it’s got some glucose in there as well but what happened is that the vitamin C helps the iron to be absorbed, I love that about the beetroot.

Then I put about 1 cup of coconut water in, you can also put apple juice in, if you want to use your optimum 400 juicer and make some apple juice put a cup of apple juice in if you feel all you’re feeling a bit brave you could also pop a garlic in there if you use apple juice and use it to help by fight colds and flu’s etcetera.

So, we’ve got all of the ingredients in there, I am going to take the lid plug out all together at the top and I’m going to grab a tamper and pop it in just to make sure that I can easily get it going.

Once it’s going, I will take the tamper out and pop the lid plug back in again, turn on low, then turn up to high and blend until it’s ready.

Remember that both the optimum 9400 and the 9200 Optimum blender can heat the food. You don’t want to over blend but you do want to ensure that you blend enough that you get a nice creamy and smooth consistency.

So, if you want to make sure that there’s no heating going on in the smoothie you can also add some ice cubes. We can put some ice cubes in the cup and pour your smoothie over the top. This one is absolutely delish and healthy, absolutely great for you and so easy to make.

So, really easy to make with those hard ingredients into a completely smooth liquid but make sure that you do add enough liquid to your mix when you’re blending and make sure that you use the tamper to get it started. Don’t over blend and add ice to make sure it doesn’t heat up.

There’s all the tips for blending hard foods in the Optimum blenders.

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