Muscle Building Recipe – Anabolic Cooking

- March 11, 2017



Muscle Building Recipe’s from Anabolic Cooking to help you cook to build muscle.

Funk Roberts and his wife prepare a muscle building recipe of Roasted Chicken stuffed with spinach. Taken from Anabolic Cooking that has over 250 Muscle Building Recipes to help you pack on some lean muscle while getting ripped. ANABOLIC COOKING has meal plans to help you build muscle.

Great for MMA and Combat athletes, sports athletes, single guys, married guys, college students and guys that want to Pack On Some Serious Muscles…ladies, this is great for you too

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    micro online earning - 2 months ago

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    john Thomas - 54 months ago

  • Thank you!

    SuperLewiboy - 58 months ago

  • crush them and put it on the chicken breasts

    Funk Roberts - 58 months ago

  • Amazing!

    Funk Roberts - 58 months ago

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