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- March 15, 2017



Get Complete Your Yoga Burn Review Here: Yoga Burn For Women

I have purchased the Yoga Burn Program by Zoe Bray Cotton at Her Yoga Secrets Website and Will Give you my honest review about the program. It is an Affordable and Great at Home Yoga Program that is suitable for anyone who are busy or don’t have time to go to the gym or yoga classes and for anyone who is looking for cheap yoga exercise but with great quality

Although the Yoga Burn program looks like it is designed for women only, men can also do this program too. I’ve contacted Zoe Bray Cotton to confirm that also. If you are stiff / unflexible / pregnant or even new to yoga, don’t worry you can also do it, just do as hard as you can, this yoga program is absolutely safe. There is no dangerous yoga pose that need instruction from yoga teacher like headstand, handstand or scorpion pose.

Yoga Burn Her Yoga Secrets Exercise is split into 3 Phases
Foundational, Transitional and Mastery Flow that must be completed in order. Each Phase has 3 x 15 Minute different workouts, repeated 3 times. difficulty is increased between each phase but not too overwhelming. Zoe Bray Instructions are very clear, smooth and detailed making it easier to follow along. you might find it a little bit difficult when you do Her Yoga Secrets program but because each exercise is repeated 3 times you will get used to it and sometimes Zoe Bray gives you an easier alternative pose if you have trouble doing certain pose.

Yoga Burn Review Zoe Bray Cotton

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There are also Bonus Video Tranquility and Beginner Flow for ultimate relaxation and 21 Yoga Pose Video Tutorial to ensure you to do each yoga pose correctly and there are some bonus yoga programs that only can be accessed from DVD. So you can access to this program after your DVD is delivered to your house.

What is The Benefits of Yoga Burn:

1. Help you to burn fat and flatten your belly
2. Fired up your metabolism and boost your energy level
3. Help you to calm down , more relax and patient
4. Reduce your stress
5. Help you to get deep relaxing sleep
6. Help you to increase your flexibility
7. Improve your focus and clarity

Each person will have different result.

To get Started you only need yoga mat. Yoga Block is an optional. I see only few exercises that comes from DVD that need a yoga block.
You can buy Yoga Burn program at the official website of her yoga secrets by clicking the link below:

Yoga Burn By Zoe Bray Cotton

The cost of this program is only $37 + Shipping and you will get Instant access to yoga burn program immediately. you can either stream or download all the exercises to your PC, also you will get 8 DVD’s that will be delivered to your house later.

If you want to give one to your family or friends consider buying 2 YogaBurn programs for only $57 + Shipping. Your transaction is secured by HTTPS Protocol and no Question Asked 60 Days money back guarantee, so you don’t have to worry about it.

Try to do Yoga Burn program at least 2 – 3 times a week and keep your smartphone away when you practicing to avoid any distraction to get the maximum benefit of this program

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Yoga Burn By Zoe Bray Cotton

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Disclaimer : I am an Affiliate of This Product. Results may vary for each person.

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