Eat Stop Eat Diet Review – Part 1

- March 8, 2017



This is part 1 of Actively Lose Weight’s two part review of Eat Stop Eat by Brad Pilon. Part 1 of 2 – What and why Eat Stop Eat. (SPOILER: I’m a big fan! I love this diet and have been using it for months to great effect.)

Click Here for Eat Stop Eat Review Part 2

Eat Stop Eat Product Page:

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I hope they help you actively lose weight.

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Comments (16)

  • that neck thing you are wearing. I saw it the last time in 1999 in kindergarden xDD

    Potentstylo - 67 months ago

  • @mikecazzx i fast 16 hours per day and feel amazing.

    Ronan Casey - 70 months ago

  • @mikecazzx no you feel amazing, i do it.

    Ronan Casey - 70 months ago

  • @frozenbeans Wrong. The starvation thing is nothing but a myth. No one starves by not eating for just 24 hours you nitwit. LOL. And yes it is absolutely a long term solution. It is something everyone should be doing once a week.

    tecnolover2642 - 74 months ago

  • i think she will be coming out with her own book next year... "eat, barf, eat"

    Jon Christian - 75 months ago

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