Eat Stop Eat Diet Review – Part 2

- March 8, 2017



Hi, I am Beth from Actively Lose Weight.


This is the second part of my review of Brad Pilon’s Eat Stop Eat weight loss program.  The first part really covered the basics of what Eat Stop Eat is and what you can gain from it.

This one covers misconceptions people have about Eat Stop Eat and a story, of a typical day in my life, while on a 24 hour, Eat Stop Eat style fast.

In this second video, I wanted to go a little bit more in depth to answer some misgivings and some misconceptions you might have about the Eat Stop Eat weight loss program and sort of show you how it can be pretty easy and how you can make it easier.

So, to start out with, I think the big question people have with Eat Stop Eat, is with not eating for 24 hours, is that your metabolism should slow down, according to what you hear from a lot of fitness experts.

What I want to say is, it doesn’t and I’m not unsupported in this, for one thing the book says a lot about it. In my own experience, you do not feel tired, like you would if your metabolism slowed down and overall in research studies, that I believe, show up in the book and elsewhere on the web, because I look them up, as I was a little hesitant it says that starvation mode does not start for 72 hours, after your last piece of food.

So, a 24-hour fast as well within that limit and your metabolism will keep chugging along just fine.
One thing that really had me worried before I started this program was that my blood sugar would go crazy I know what it’s like to get really dizzy and lightheaded and because of low blood sugar where you just need to eat to stabilize that and what I have to say to that it’s healthy before you start the fast and you’ll be fine, better than you thought you’d be.

I still get that low blood sugar problem if I eat something really sugary on an empty stomach and don’t be afterwards, donuts at work are an awful example of that and so, now I know not to do that but it’s not something I experience on the nice Eat Stop Eat diet.

If you are worried you could ask your doctor about it but bring my book in and show them and see what they say after that.

Working out, while fasting, is a great idea it will do a lot for you your body is working off of stored fuel which means bet, you might try working out later and later into the fast, if you’re worried about it I find that I can work out at the end of the fast, as easily as at the beginning without a weird feeling in my stomach about eating too recently.

So, those are some ideas people might have had that are inaccurate about Eat Stop Eat on day in my life I need Eat Stop Eat is kind of coma looking but I stopped eating after supper. I ignore my evening snack and I go to bed. I sleep in on purpose on fasting days which is great. I enjoy that a lot because if I sleep in I don’t have time for breakfast. I don’t bring snacks for work so I do not have he
opportunity to have a morning snack. For lunch time, I make sure I have errands to do, so that I’m not sucked into the normal routine of eating lunch.

In the afternoons, at the end of the fast, it gets a little more intense, you realize you’re hungry and that is what is really great about Eat Stop Eat, is you’re not stopping yourself from ingesting anything just ingesting calories, so if you like coffee you can have plain coffee no cream or no sugar
you can have tea, you can have diet soda.

One thing I find really helpful is that you can have calorie fruit gum and that gets your mouth moving and that really addresses some of the problems that you might have about not eating, is the urges to be chewing something, to relieve boredom, to stimulate yourself.

Eat Stop Eat really makes you aware of those urges because you’re feeling them and you can’t take care of them.

I remember my first couple of fasts, every few minutes. I would be kind of nervous, like I knew I needed food but I didn’t it was just an urge and now I realize what those urges are and even on my none fast days it’s much easier to ignore them.

This is a huge gift that Eat Stop Eat gives you, after a few fasts, is that you realize when you become accustomed to eating food, maybe if you didn’t even know, that is when you wanted to eat food.

So, afternoon lunch, I usually start eating a few of those little goodies that help you stave off the wish to eat calories.

After work, I like make myself something and then I’m eating again and that is 24 hours without food.
It’s really easy now, it was not easy the first three or four but you have a reassurance now, it gets easier I don’t even think about it anymore, food does not come into my mind.

So, that is my experience. I hope me sharing it, has really helped you think about you Eat Stop Eat in a positive way and that this is Actively Lose Weight.

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