Yoga Workout – Lose Your Belly Fat With Yoga Burn

- March 11, 2017



Your time is valuable and working out can be hard! In this video MJ or Youryogagym instructor take you through a Yoga workout that will help you lose some of that belly fat and also give you that refreshing feeling :-). Yoga is awesome and come join me for a fun and enlightening time!

I am going to take you through some exercises to help you create more abdominal strength.
A lot of times the way we do abdominal work doesn’t necessarily efficiently work because work is all packed up and we’re not stretching and moving certain body parts.

So, we’re going to move through yoga postures that don’t seem like they would work out your abdominals but they really do.

If you have any type of knee issues through the sequence, please be careful, be body aware.
I’m not there to adjust you. That’s why, it’s always good to have a teacher that is there to guide you like myself but I can’t hold you.

So, come up to the top of your mat, take a deep inhale, get the breath going, exhale fold forward. You know the gist, just don’t hang out too long, inhale rise up and exhale down, inhale lift. It doesn’t matter if you’re not coming all the way down towards the ground, bend your knees, widen your stance. Do whatever you need to do, just let the breath, be in charge of the movement…..

Yoga Burn For Women Learn How to Lose Your Belly Fat.


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Comments (338)

  • love her feet

    Earn Money Online - 6 days ago

  • Finally, I came across a diet that is east to understand. Rapidly, I can lose 8 more lbs with “sowo amazing plan” (make sure to google it! ).

    Carol Turner - 1 week ago

  • how long does it take

    Tracy Jones - 1 week ago

  • I think I'm just gonna stick with yoga rather than workout as im quite flexible. the first time i tried yoga, in the morning my belly fat was nowhere to be found haha but to maintain it you'll have to work harder !

    kawaii Dhanus - 2 weeks ago

  • it caused some stomach pain but im assumingg a its just because im fat and i haven't worked out in a couple months since school is out for summer.this really helps me because you say you can do this good job

    Kylee Vlogs - 2 weeks ago

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